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Incredible Driftwood Horses Sculptures By James Doran Webb


Incredible Driftwood Horses Sculptures By James Doran Webb


James Doran Webb British artist, he creates Horse sculptures that seem to leap into motion. James spent starting years of his life in Devon, but after few years Jamesmoves with his parents in the pursuit of arts and antiques. He loves to create Sculptures and working with wood. In Philippines, near to his House on a beach, he created these driftwood horses. It not an easy task to work with…

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Telephone Sheep by Jean-Luc Cornec (Via Thisblogrules)

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One of the Logo I made for Patrick Lukens aka Max Leroy has been posted today on the musical site Noisey by Vice. Pretty Cool. Check the article here :

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Original artwork I created for Myrone.

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